Craving Chocolate and Lazy Days


The other night I was changing one of Beckham’s many diapers.  Adam had already gone to bed.  I had Beckham’s legs in the air and was getting ready to wipe his bum.  He started pooping.  I grabbed a few wipes and tried to catch as much as I could but it had gone up his back.  “Help!  Someone help me!”  I scared Adam right out of bed.  He came running in to see what the deal was.  Poop.  He took his legs and I went to grab more wipes.  Beckham rolled over onto his side and starting peeing down the wall!!!  Stop! Stop! He didn’t.

A few days later I was changing Beckham again…note: all he does right now is eat, potty, and sleep.  I had Beckham’s legs in the air and was grabbing a wipe.  I heard a little fart and I just knew what was coming.  I grabbed a few wipes and went to catch under his bum.  A little started dribbling down and then….BOOM!  It went flying across the room!!  It literally SHOT out of his booty, went all over the floor and was dripping down the door.  Uh….what do I do now?  Get to cleaning up so his green poo didn’t stain or clean him up first?  I didn’t yell for Adam because last time I did he about had a heart attack.  I just cleaned up Beckham and then, took a picture :)

If you look to the left of this picture you will see the dresser where the changing pad is.  This gives you an idea how far the poo flew.

Luckily for me I was standing on the side and not at the end!!

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