Craving Chocolate and Lazy Days

5 Months!

Can you believe my little pride and joy has been hanging out at my house for 5 months now!?  It is crazy how fast time flies!!

Beckham is growing up so fast.

He is really getting into the hand sucking…not so much the finger sucking.  I am talking the whole hand!

This month Daddy gave Beckham his first taste of ice cream!

This month Beckham also began using his jumper.  He loves it!

Beckham also started eating solids this month…well really watered down rice cereal and mushy peas.

He is a great running partner.

He made a freakin’ cute Mickey Mouse!

All in all we have a pretty happy kid!

Mommy loves you!

One Response to “5 Months!

  1. Shauna says:

    I need a hard copy of the first picture!!!
    Max would eat from a spoon if you would feed her that way…no…con’t even think about it :)

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